DAL SITO DELLA FEDERAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE DI JUDO: The IJF Mourns the Passing Away of Mr. Matteo Pellicone

It is with great sadness that the IJF learned the passing away of Mr. Matteo Pellicone. In a message to his family and to the Italian Judo Federation, Mr. Vizer, the IJF President, declared: “Dear Federation, Dear Italian Judo Family, I was saddened to hear about the passing away of Mr. Matteo Pellicone, longtime President of the Italian Judo Federation. Through this letter, I extend my condolences to the Italian judo Federation and the family of Mr. Pellicone. Moreover, I would like to express the recognition that the International Judo Federation has for Mr. Pellicone’s activity. He was a valuable member of the Judo Family and his contribution will never be forgotten.”

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